Kids love science

August 19, 2017

You already know how much we love educational apps at 6020 peaks. Today, I wanted to share with you “Kids love science – Bedtime stories”. This is an app available for Android and iOS, which tries to introduce kids of ages 3-10 to the wonderful world of science.

The app is provided by a non-profit called “The voice of reason”, whose main aim is to build educational content for kids.

The authors of this app have prepared an impressive catalogue of self-made tales organised as a series of stories about the main character Grandpa Benny. Each story targets a specific historical or scientific scenario and tries to immerse kids in a very focused learning experience.

Stories are organised in several pages, each containing full color images and text, which resembles the traditional story tale books we all enjoyed in our childhood. In addition, each page is complemented with a very well narrated audio, which makes the app more engaging for kids. The app allows skipping pages and even going back to a previous one, just like in a physical book.

At the moment the app offers its content in 3 different languages: English, Russian and Hebrew. It is important to remark that the quality of the material (text, images and sound) is quite high for each language, which means these guys really take their task very serious!

The app is offered for free for both Android and iOS. The current catalogue of stories contains 6 freely available items and 2 paid items, which is quite fair to be honest. Nevertheless, since the developer is a nonprofit, all the sales revenue is used to keep the project alive and produce more quality content in the future.

Note that the first time you want to access a story the app needs to download it, which may take a bit of time depending on your network. Once it is downloaded, the content is shown very smoothly.

The current version includes a total of 8 different titles:

  • Grandpa Benny flies to the Moon (free).
  • Grandpa Benny and the robots (free).
  • Grandpa Benny visits the North Pole (free).
  • Grandpa Benny and the pirates of the Galapagos (free).
  • Grandpa Benny flies in a hot air balloon (free).
  • Grandpa Benny goes to school (free).
  • Grandpa Benny and the city of gold (paid).
  • Grandpa Benny and the Wright Brothers (paid).

The project is open for public contribution. This means that you can support its cause by translating content to other languages or sending your feedback. You can also submit your ideas for new books or even produce your own books and include them in the app. All in all, this is a great opportunity if you want to use your skills for producing high quality content for kids.

After having a deep look at the app, I can only recommend downloading it and trying it out on your own. If you have kids in the age range 3-10 then this is really something for them. Unfortunately, not so many languages are offered at the moment, but I am pretty sure that more will be done in the near future.

By the way, maybe you don’t have kids yet, but you can also use the app for learning one of those languages. The audio narration is synchronised with the text, which makes it really easy to follow and facilitates the understanding.

If you achieve to give it a try, please let us know your thoughts in the comments. Enjoy!